Kirsten and Chris first jammed together at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2000 and were gigging as a duo until 2010.



Chris studied classical piano from the age of 8. He later switched to pipe organ, and before completing his degree in music he also discovered jazz. After a brief period playing alto sax in a quintet, Chris settled on acoustic guitar - inspired by the music of Isaac Guillory. Chris still does some solo performing, alongside teaching music.



Kirsten learned the piano from the age of 8. She later switched to violin, playing rock & roll, folk, blues and jazz in bands before moving more towards singing. After some years of guitar pop backing vocals, her influences broadened to include Ella Fitzgerald (particularly for her scat) and especially Nina Simone (for her expressive ability, broad repertoire and the passion of her conscience). Via a jazz piano course, she started singing jazz...  Through most of the 2000s Kirsten sang with several pianists, in another band and in a big band as well as the duo with Chris. Currently performances are limited to the home environment. However, the wide repertoire (ranging from lullabies to 'tidy up' songs) is mostly shouted down.