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Below you'll find some comments we've received on the CD "any day now".


'compelling... I've almost worn it out' (Brenda, Glos.)


'brilliant' 'well impressed' (Phillippa, Tyneside)


'have played it constantly since buying it. Nice one.' (Nigel, Glos.)


'really beautiful' (a bloke)


'I found myself wanting to listen because I wanted to know what you had to "say."' (Jo, Birmingham)


''je me réjouis de l'écouter... I sometimes had the feeling you sang just for my sake, right into my ear' (Hermine, Switzerland)


'good to hear some quality guitar playing'


'a dull thud through the letterbox' (Paul, Kent)


'looks good and sounds better' (Chantal, Glos.)


'my daughter, (17 months old now) likes it so much that she starts dancing with her bottom shaking in a really cute funny way' (Yoko, Japan)


'a friend of mine who was a roadie at the Greenbelt festival was so impressed with your music that he called me and played the CD over the phone.... I am so impressed that I've just bought it! (Ruth)


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! (Martin, Leeds)

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'Both are good, but the Winter/Peirce track moves me and has much more emotion.' - Jonathan C.


'Chris' guitar and Kirsten's voice come together as always with sultry provocative power.' - Peter G.


'Imaginative arrangements, class musicianship, cool and well phrased singing - a class act!' - Tony S.


'Winter has a gorgeous voice - wonderful intertwining of voice and guitar.'


'Sultry vocals and excellent guitar playing. Brilliant.' - Bob H.


'Enjoyed the interplay of moody vocals and guitar on Kirsten and Chris' song 'Invent some memories.' Great stuff!' - Nigel P.


'Kirsten Winter, mellow melodic and so smooth!' -  Sian H.


'Kirsten has a beautiful mellow voice and the guitar is stunning.' - Camilla C.


'No contest!' - Clive D.


'Mellow!' - Anne S.


'Fab, great voice!' - Emma D.


'Fantastic stuff.' C. James